Boxbo, created in 2016 by a couple of French-Chinese designers parents of 2 young boys, boxbo is above all a family business. our willingness to design a world of children's shoes, different and fun, and to stand out from classic and traditional models.

Designed for the youngest and their activities, we want above all that our products please them and participate fully in the construction of their personal identity.

BOXBO, means cool modern spirit, quality, and above all, a lot of fun! We want to be as imaginative and bold as children, we design shoes or accessories that appeal to them, and functional has their desire to move, play, imagine....

Later, if your child smiles while thinking about the boxbo shoes of his childhood, it will be, for us, the most beautiful success!

Protecting our children also means protecting the environment, being eco-responsible.

We seek to innovate and constantly evolve for the well-being of children.

    • Each model is created in France by our designers, then manufactured from eco-sustainable materials.
    • Our soft and light rain boots are completely waterproof and handcrafted from 100% non-toxic natural rubber materials.
    • All our products comply with environmental & European standards.